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Bangladesh Fire Service Rules 1961 Pdf Download

Bangladesh Fire Service Rules 1961: An Overview

The Bangladesh Fire Service Rules 1961 are a set of regulations that govern the organization, functions, and operations of the Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defence (FS&CD), which is the primary agency responsible for fire prevention, fire fighting, rescue, emergency medical services, and civil defence in the country. The rules were originally enacted as the East Pakistan Fire Services Rules 1961, and have been amended twice since the independence of Bangladesh in 1971.

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Objectives and Scope of the Rules

The main objectives of the rules are to:

  • Establish the FS&CD as a statutory body under the Ministry of Home Affairs, with a Director General as its head and a hierarchy of officers and staff.

  • Define the powers and duties of the FS&CD personnel, including their authority to enter, inspect, and take necessary actions in any premises or place where there is a risk of fire or other emergencies.

  • Prescribe the standards and procedures for fire prevention, fire safety, fire fighting, rescue, emergency medical services, and civil defence.

  • Regulate the licensing and inspection of fire works, explosives, inflammable substances, and other hazardous materials.

  • Provide for the training, equipment, uniforms, discipline, welfare, and awards of the FS&CD personnel.

  • Coordinate with other agencies and organizations in matters related to fire and emergency management.

The rules apply to all areas of Bangladesh, except for cantonments and areas under the jurisdiction of the Armed Forces. The rules also do not apply to private fire brigades or voluntary fire services, unless they are authorized by the FS&CD.

Salient Features of the Rules

Some of the salient features of the rules are:

  • The rules divide the country into four zones: Dhaka Zone, Chittagong Zone, Khulna Zone, and Rajshahi Zone. Each zone is further divided into districts, circles, stations, and sub-stations. The FS&CD has a total of 337 fire stations and sub-stations across the country.

  • The rules specify the qualifications, recruitment, promotion, transfer, retirement, dismissal, and appeal procedures for the FS&CD personnel. The rules also provide for the establishment of a Fire Service Advisory Board and a Fire Service Welfare Fund.

  • The rules require every owner or occupier of any building or place where there is a risk of fire or other emergencies to take adequate measures for fire prevention and fire safety. The rules also empower the FS&CD to issue notices, orders, or directions to ensure compliance with the rules.

  • The rules prescribe the fees and charges for various services provided by the FS&CD, such as issuing licenses, conducting inspections, attending fires or emergencies, providing ambulance services, etc. The rules also provide for exemptions or reductions of fees and charges in certain cases.

  • The rules define the offences and penalties for violating or obstructing the rules or the FS&CD personnel. The offences include causing or permitting a fire hazard, failing to comply with a notice or order issued by the FS&CD, interfering with or damaging any fire hydrant or equipment belonging to the FS&CD, etc. The penalties include imprisonment for up to six months or fine up to five thousand taka or both.

How to Download the Rules

The Bangladesh Fire Service Rules 1961 are available in PDF format on the official website of the FS&CD . The PDF file contains both Bengali and English versions of the rules. The file size is about 3 MB and can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:


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