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Black Grimoire Of Satanic Rulerships Principalities Pdf

Black Grimoire of Satanic Rulerships Principalities Pdf

The Black Grimoire of Satanic Rulerships and Principalities is a book of satanic magick written by Carl Nagel, a British occultist and author. The book claims to reveal the identities and invocations of the mighty spirit rulers of the Western world, who are said to be agents of Satan and to control the towns, cities, and countries of this world. The book also explains how the black magician can manipulate these dark forces to do his bidding and achieve his objectives, whether in accumulating riches, seducing women, or causing mischief and destruction.

The book is based on the biblical story of Satan offering Jesus all the kingdoms of the world if he would worship him (Matthew 4:8-10). The book argues that Satan owns the material world and everything in it, and that the pious have renounced it as sinful. The book also draws on the ancient Egyptian tradition of Set, the god of darkness and chaos, who was considered by some to be the superior one. The book asserts that the spiritual universe consists of both light and darkness, and that the satanist needs to know and control the dark spirit of the appropriate place to be successful.

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The book contains a list of satanic lords of various cities and countries, such as London, New York, Paris, Moscow, Sydney, etc. Each lord has a name, a seal, a character, an attribute, a function, and an office. The book provides rituals for invoking these lords and commanding them to do the black magician's will. The book also gives examples of specific objectives that can be achieved by using these rituals, such as finding buried treasure, gaining power over creditors or authorities, separating other people, inflicting or cursing disease, buying or selling property, etc.

The book is available in PDF format from various online sources . However, the book comes with a warning that it is a book of satanic magick and that it may offend some readers. The book is not for the faint-hearted or the morally scrupulous. The book is intended for those who seek to explore the dark side of reality and to use it for their own advantage.


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