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Download Governor Of Poker 2 PC Game 2010

Poker. You're either hopelessly addicted to it, or you can't tell a flush from a straight. The word itself conjures up high-stakes games in Vegas, dusty saloon matches between cowboys, and crummy online games played with real money. Fortunately for us, Youda Games has brought back its casual poker-meets-simulation game in the delightfully accessible Governor of Poker 2. No matter if poker scares you or excites you, this game's got something great in store for you.

Download Governor of Poker 2 PC Game 2010

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More than just a simple card game, Governor of Poker 2 strings together a light storyline that gives you an excuse to leave the table and explore the land, spending your cash on buying buildings or at the general store. The governor of Texas has declared poker illegal because it's a game of chance. It's your job to show him it takes skill to win at this game, not luck, sending you on a romp through the state, visiting towns and flaunting your skills in a number of saloons.

Before and after each game, you'll get a chance to wander around each town, talking to townsfolk, visiting stores, and purchasing real estate using your earnings. Each building you buy nets you a certain amount of income each day, allowing you to keep a little cash coming in even if you're unlucky in cards. The meat of the game is in poker tournaments, though, so be sure to enroll (and win!) at the saloon each day of gameplay.

The Governor of Poker series is no different than other Youda releases in this respect. Even if poker scares you with its intricate rules, this game manages to tear down part of that barrier to allow casual players to come inside and play. A lengthy (and optional) tutorial will introduce you to Texas Hold 'em basics, walking you through each step as many times as you like. You can even peek at a cheat sheet to see the highest value hand you can make, allowing you to learn which cards form which hands.

Of course, the most difficult part of translating Texas Hold 'em to the non-meatspace is getting opponent tells onto the screen. Even though you can't see the faces of people in Governor of Poker 2, players often give clues if they're bluffing, if they're frazzled, or if they're about to be in trouble. You can start to pick up on their personalities after some time, allowing you to call opponents out when you know they have a habit of bluffing. The subtle tells aren't a huge part of the game, but they're there, and poker fans will definitely appreciate it.

Adding the light simulation aspects was a good choice by Youda, taking the game out of the saloon and into the dusty streets of Texas. It breaks the action up at just the right times, creating that more casual atmosphere we love to experience. You can, of course, just play poker (even doing a quick round from the main menu), so don't worry about getting your fix!

Governor of Poker 2 is well-made, highly accessible, and surprisingly addictive for all kinds of players. It doesn't offer a world of difference when compared to the original game, but for poker fans and casual gamers alike, you'll find something to love in this game.

I enjoyed the first Governor of Poker, and the second one seems like a fun sequel. I think they have improved the AI a bit. There is one thing I just don't understand though. If the governor of Texas has outlawed poker because it's a game of chance, why is he the most notorious poker player in the state?

So, im a bit of a newbie when it comes to poker but sometimes in this game the pot will split when ive just beat the pants off everyone! What the heck? can someoe explain why they are getting some of the money i just won?

"So, I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to poker, but sometimes in this game the pot will split when I have just beat the pants off everyone! What the heck? Can someoe explain why they are getting some of the money I just won?"

So, I own all the houses in Texas and I'm ready to play against the Governor. I didn't like it in GoP1, when winning the Governor meant the end of the game. Is it the same in GoP2? Does winning the governor mean that game ends and I have to start all over again? (like new awards, buying houses again, etc?). If this happens, I'd prefer not to play the Governor and keep competing in tournaments, get all awards etc. What happens after playing the Governor?

I have completed the game :) its very easy!! those who need Wagon, after winning all places covered by train go back to Lubbock & sell one house then buy it again, now you can play for wagon.After wagon, win all the cities that it covers, then come back to Abilene, there you can play for carriage. Then win all cities covered by carriage, then you can play for car in Arlington.with that you can cover all the places :)After winning over all the notorious players, you can play against governor. Thats it! its so easy! Happy playing!!:)

Does anyone know exactly how to become notorious in a town??? I've finished the game beat all the notorious players and the governor but I'm only notorious in a few random towns. I'd like to know how it is done. TY.

For those with the issue of the player next to the dealer winning and leaving, or not being able to get the wagon. I had the same issues when playing with a cracked version of the game. When I paid for the game and downloaded a clean version, I no longer had those issues. So, either there was a bug in a earlier version and that was the one that was cracked, or the crack process introduced the bug. See if Youda games has an updated version, or if you are playing the cracked version, try paying for a real copy.

I am in san angelo and organised a tournament for 8, but i put 0$ for entry, just for fun and now the game is stuck. the players are just looking around! Help me please!!Thnx!Posted by: JIGuest September 30, 2010 5:04 AM

hey ! my game here is disgusting. at the start of the game i am already at the top of the list of the notorius players. now I own all of the cities, etc. NOW I CANT FIND THE GOVERNOR ! there's something wrong..... the notorius list states that i also beat the governor ! sucks

Actually i got cheat for max money long time ago, but i dnt know where i must shareYou must use cheat engine whatever version, i suggest 5.0++.First open the game n play then setting window mode n off automatic pause, then open cheat engine. Next u must click computer icon then chose governor of poker 2, next u insert ur total money (ur money * 8) then insert that number in "value box" then click first scan. After that u back to game n buy some house then insert ur remnant money * 8 in value box then click next scan. When u found 2 address double click that address and checklist the frozen n change the value up to you but max 8 digit then back to game n sell the house. Look what happen...Ur money become so much!!!Sory for broken english

I have finished the game. Now I am the governor of poker. I am stucked at Dallas City after final game with existing governor. After winning tht game and after being the new governor I am unable to travel between any other cities. It keep saying to travel with public transport but there is no public transport available in Dallas. It keep saying that I can't travel to a city with my existing transportation. I will be obliged if someone send me a solution for it on my email Id [email protected] have requested youdagames so many times but none of my requests been replied or entertained.

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This poker game is nicely designed and the story around it does the rest for a fun afternoon poker ... is not as boring as the usual poker games where you "only" Poker t - who wants that, however, is out of place here. 041b061a72


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